MAPS-3D is a true 3 dimensional simulation tool to validate and optimize the injection molding process.
It provides the prediction of Polymer filling/packing phase, performance of cooling channels and product warpage.
The software guides designers, mold makers, and engineers through simulation setup and results interpretation.
Key features of MAPS-3D are shown below:
MAPS-3D Studio
MAPS-3D Studio is a pre/post-processing application for analysis of injection molding.
This includes various convenient tools to set the boundary conditions and to analyze the results.
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MAPS-3D Modeler
MAPS-3D Modeler makes a solid mesh for the analysis.
This provides the perfect interface with 3D CAD/CAE system and easy functions to check, edit, and create mesh.
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MAPS-3D Project
MAPS-3D Project is a pst-processing application and it is free.
It provides shuch functions. [more view]
MAPS-3D Flow

MAPS-3D Flow predicts 3D behavior of polymer melt during the filling stage of the injection molding process.
MAPS-3D Flow supplies various information for easier mold design as follows. [more view]
MAPS-3D Cool

MAPS-3D Cool simulates the efficiency of the mold and cooling channel to achieve uniform cooling of the part.
Estimate the cooling efficiency according to the alayout and size of cooling channels. [more view]
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