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MAPS-3D(Mold analysis and Plastics Solutions ? 3Dimension) and CAPA(Computer Aided Application Plastics), which are dedicated to injection molding analysis, were developed by VMTECH, Co, Ltd, to solve various problems, which occur in different types of plastic products

VMTECH is a venture capital company which develops and sells injection molding CAE(Computer Aided Engineering) software.
VMTECH consists of a variety of experts who have more than 10 years of application experience and this company provides complete solutions in the mechanical design field. To provide these comprehensive solutions, VMTECH utilizes CAE which has been successfully developed through accumulated techniques and our experiences of executing projects

[About Us] VMTECH, Co, Ltd
[CEO] Dr. Koo Bon-Heung
[Contact number] (Landline) 82-31-206-6500~1 / (Fax) 82-31-206-6502

2015-3Participation in INAPA
2015-3Participation in Intermold Korea 2015
2015-1Launching MAPS-3D V10.0
2014-112014 2nd User's Meeting
2014-6 2014 Uesr's Meeting
2014-1Launching MAPS-3D V9.0
2013-102013 2nd Uesr's Meeting
2013-6 Launching MAPS-3D V8.1
2013-62013 1st Uesr's Meeting
2013-01Launching MAPS-3D V8.0
2012-112012 MAPS-3D User`s Conference
2012-06Launching MAPS-3D 7.2
2012-04Launching MAPS-3D 7.1
2011-11Launching MAPS-3D 7.0, User`s Conference
2011-03Participation in Intermold Korea
2010-10Launching MAPS-3D 6.0, User`s Conference
2009-11Launching MAPS-3D 5.1, User`s Conference
2009-03Launching MAPS-3D 5.0 (Intermold Korea)
2008-3Launching MAPS-3D 4.2(Manifold)
2007-03Launching MAPS-3D 4.0
2006-11Opening the 3rd overseas branch(China)
2005-11Launching MAPS-3D 3.0
2005-6Opening the 2nd overseas branch(Fortugal
2004-7Opening the 1st overseas branch(Finland)
2004-03Launching CAPA 7.0
2003-12Participation in EUROMOLD 2003 (Germany)
2003-4The establishment of VMTech
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